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Leave Bernie Alone!

By mike flugennockWednesday - August 26th, 2015Categories: 2016 Election, Party Animals, elections, liberty, media

Looks like “Progressive” America is still yelling for a WAAAAHHHHmbulance after a Bernie Sanders media event was busted up by #BlackLivesMatter. After months of Sanders failing to address the ongoing wave of racist police terrorism, #BLM took it on themselves to bring it up in Seattle — much to the consternation of lily-white “Progressive” America.

Never mind that Sanders — along with the rest of Liberal and “Progressive” America — happily got on board with Bill Clinton’s brutal assault on the Serbian people in the Spring of 1999. Never mind that after Nineleven™, Sanders just as happily voted to fund the assaults on the people of Afghanistan and the liberty and dignity of US citizens by the Department of Homeland Security. Never mind that Sanders has had little problem voting to fund Israeli barbarity in Palestine and the coup government in the Ukraine. Never mind that Sanders lobbied heavily for a slice of war machine pork barrel in Vermont in the form of a USAF F-35 base.

Never mind all that; “Progressive” America honestly still thinks that Sanders can bring this country the kind of revolutionary change it needs, so when somebody comes along — especially black somebodies — to call him out on his hypocrisies, all “Progressive” America seems to care about is that they’re making Bernie look bad. “Why don’t you disrupt Republican events?” they whine, predictably. “Why don’t you disrupt Hillary’s events?” they complain bitterly, crying, shrieking like that Chris Crocker kid in the infamous “Leave Britney Alone” video.

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By mike flugennockMonday - May 4th, 2015Categories: Black Lives Matter, liberty, media

For those of you who rocked, I salute you.

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All night, all day!

By mike flugennockThursday - April 30th, 2015Categories: Black Lives Matter, DC Local, liberty, media

DC Marches in Solidarity with Baltimore Uprising, Apr 29 2015 from Mike Flugennock on Vimeo.

I’m going to be real blunt here — the State, the police, and the media in this country are a bunch of rank-assed, faking sons of bitches. (continue reading…)

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Democratic Party: Graveyard Of Movements

By mike flugennockMonday - April 27th, 2015Categories: 2016 Election, Economy, Globalization, Occupy, Party Animals, elections, environment, liberty, media, war and peace

Alright, US Left, time for a little history lesson – and a cautionary tale. Can any of you out there name a single popular democratic people’s movement for peace, liberty or social/economic justice which wasn’t finally at some point infiltrated, co-opted and bled to death by the Democratic Party? Anybody?


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…and for context, here’s some more Democratic Party movement co-opting tomfoolery:
It’s Going To Be A New Day, November 2006
Wisconsin – Look Out Behind You, February 2011
“Occupy” Movement: Beware the Vampire, October 2011
We Are The 1%, October 2011
Infiltrator, October 2011
Occupy DC Visits Democratic Party Fundraiser, December 2011
“99% Spring”: 100% Bullshit, April 2012
Obama’s March On Washington Anniversary Speech, Condensed, August 2013

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