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flugennockpoststylefoto250x300Since the late 1970s, Mike Flugennock has produced nearly five hundred political cartoons and posters which have appeared in alternative/dissident media and have been adopted and reproduced by popular resistance movements ranging from those opposing war in Iraq and Afghanistan to the anti-globalization, Occupy and other movements, such as the 2015 ballot initiative legalizing the personal possession, private consuption and cultivation of marijuana in Washington, DC. His work first appeared widely in the old Yipster Times ‘zine in 1978; he has since served on the editorial board of the DC Independent Media Center, illustrated the covers of The Progressive and Alternative Press Review, and has been featured in the Washington Post Style section, Washington City Paper Arts section, RT America TV and the Jimmy Dore Show for his editorial cartoons and art promoting mass protests and popular movements.

Born in 1957 and raised on classic Saturday morning cartoons and ‘60s and ‘70s underground “comix”, Flugennock works in a distinctive style which has inspired readers and activists to “flypaste” his art in solidarity with his statements in city streets around the world. (At left: Mike on the streets of downtown DC, postering for the Fall 2002 IMF/World Bank protests. Photo by Andrea Bruce Woodall, the Washington Post)

Questions? Comments? Drop Mike a line at flugennock at sinkers dot org.

“Poster Boy of Protest” in Washington Post Style, September 27, 2002. (4.3mb pdf) (WWW link)

“Mike Flugennock’s Greatest Hits” featured in cartoon exhibit at Provisions Gallery, Washington, DC, Summer 2006.

“Meet A Local Cartoonist: A Chat with Mike Flugennock” interview in Washington DC CityPaper Arts section, January 10, 2011. (2.7mb pdf) (WWW link)

Out with the crew for an evening’s postering for the IMF/World Bank protests, August 2001:

Flugennock: The Documentary by Ron Douglas, Assistant Professor of Media Communications, Wesley College, Delaware, June 2016:

Interviewed on RT America by Lindsay France on Fishtank, June 2016:

“The Democrats’ Baggage” featured on the Jimmy Dore Show, November 2016:

“Peak Liberal” featured on the Jimmy Dore Show, May 2017:

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