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Jazz Hands

By mike flugennockFriday - March 13th, 2020Categories: 2020 Election, Health Care, Party Animals, Trumpism, coronavirus, environment, right wingnuts

JEEEzus H.W. motherfucking CHRIST. Motherfuckers came right out and said it — “We are flying blind”. In the USA right now, they’ve tested maybe 11,000 people nationwide, a bunch of which are members of a goddamn professional basketball team.

In China, they built a goddamn hospital in six days to deal with this shit. SIX MOTHERFUCKING DAYS. In the US, we’re lucky to have tested 11,000 people NATIONWIDE; meanwhile, in Korea, they’re testing 20,000 people per day. Got that, boys’n'girls? TWENTY THOUSAND PEOPLE PER MOTHERFUCKING DAY.

“Flying blind”, they tell us — and all they’ve got to offer us is “social isolation”, elbow-bumping and “jazz hands”. This goddamn country doesn’t have a clue how to deal with a problem if we can’t fucking BOMB it.

Shit, man — shove your jazz hands up your jazz ass.

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Olympic-Sized Fail

By mike flugennockSaturday - November 2nd, 2019Categories: environment

“Current incident estimates published by the company say that 9,120 US barrels (383,040 gallons) or ‘approximately half the size of an Olympic-sized swimming pool’ of crude oil were released into an impacted area of 2,500 square yards…”

—Sputnik International, 11.01.2019

This past week saw the latest — the latest — rupture and spill on TransCanada’s Keystone Pipeline, this time to the tune of 383,000 gallons near the town of Edinburg, North Dakota… a big ol’ Olympic-sized pool of Fail. Of course, it happened pretty much as predicted by the thousands of people who spoke up, protested, and tried to stop the pipeline from being built, and who are now designated as “terrorists” by the US Government.

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A Stinkin’ Rebellion

By mike flugennockSunday - October 20th, 2019Categories: environment, media

So, aaaaanyway… the resolute doorknobs at Extinction Rebellion have staged a protest involving spray-painting your hand red, leaving a “bloody” handprint on a government building or corporate HQ, then looking for a cop to turn yourself in. Yeah, that’s right.

This empty dipshittery follows an earlier debacle on the London Tube in which XR tried to shut down the subways, resulting in protesters being roughed up, beaten and thrown off the trains by irate commuters.

Now, I’m no tactical expert, but it seems that a subway-blocking action would go down best when you’ve reached the point where things are so bad that the streets are already full of fed-up, pissed-off people, and the general strike is already underway. Otherwise, you’re just pissing off the working class.

For further reading: Extinction Rebellion Training, or How to Control Radical Resistance from the “Obstructive Left”, at Wrong Kind Of Green, 05.06.2019

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