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The ‘Other Shoe’

By mike flugennockFriday - May 10th, 2024Categories: 2024 Election, Bidenism, Economy, Middle East, liberty, media

A friend and I were discussing the events of 1989 and ‘90 recently, and we agreed that even at the time, we knew it was only the first shoe dropping.

So, don’t get too cocky, there, Amerika.

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Dear U.S. Left: Stop Asking Me To Vote

By mike flugennockThursday - May 2nd, 2024Categories: 2024 Election, Bidenism, Middle East, Party Animals, elections, media, war and peace

Dear US Left:
With all due respect — I really do love ya, we’ve worked together and hit the barricades
and been ride-or-die n’all that, but — you’ve just gotta stop this shit right now, y’all, ‘cos it’s the biggest waste of time ever at this point. Seriously, for myself and all of our comrades, I’m here to tell you, you just gotta STOP IT, brah.

Stop asking us to VOTE.

Stop asking us to play in a crooked rigged casino, to participate in a phony “democracy” and vote in a useless “election” in which the candidates and platforms are already decided by the Party and the permissible issues and voices already decided by the media. Stop asking us to drag ourselves off to participate in an empty ritual in an empty institution which has achieved absolute zero.

Stop insulting our intelligence by asking us to participate in the “democracy” of a nation in which the State, the Party and Establishment institutions have at long last finally, thoroughly, utterly and completely alienated us and then relentlessly implores us to participate in their useless, capitalist media-controlled “democratic” institutions. After doing their level best to beat down and silence the dissent and outrage of billions across the nation and the Earth, they’ve got the spectacular gall to try to shame, frighten, and browbeat us into slinking back to their polls for “abortion rights” — for affluent, professional-class American women, of course; not the reproductive rights of working-class and poor women, nor immigrant women, nor Afghan or Iraqi women, and for goddamn sure not the reproductive rights of PALESTINIAN women…

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Ve Vill Bury You!

By mike flugennockMonday - February 19th, 2024Categories: 2024 Election, Bidenism, Party Animals, elections, media, space, war and peace

Da, komrade, and then ve are takink kare of Moose and Sqvirrel!

Oh, f’crissake, are they shittin’ us with this mess? Are they really that desperate to take our minds off THE GODDAMN GENOCIDE? “Unspecified dire risk”? Really? Unspecified? BWAH HA HA HA HA HA HA HAAAAHHHH. Yeah, Russian Space Threat Emerges — straight outta the asses of “U.S. Officials”. D’AAHH HA HA HA HA HA… So, what’s next, guys — the “Missile Gap”?

Dear GOD, they really are reaching now; they couldn’t look any more desperate than they do at this point, serving up this exhumed, warmed-over, hoary-ass old McCarthy Era droolage. Why don’t they just give it the hell up?

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My Heart Will Go On

By mike flugennockMonday - February 12th, 2024Categories: 2024 Election, Bidenism, Middle East, Party Animals, Uncategorized, War on Terror, media, war and peace


I hate to break it to the kiddies at the Dyin’ In Darkness Daily, but misidentifying the President of Egypt as the President of Mexico is NOT a “false caricature that could jell” — and neither is being nicknamed “Genocide Joe” and helping to instigate racist violence in his own country, for that matter.

All together, boys’n'girls…Nearer my God to thee…  

11 x 17 inch high-res color .jpg image, 1.4mb

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