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Balloonacy (don’t panic!)

By mike flugennockThursday - February 23rd, 2023Categories: Bidenism, China, media, war and peace

JEEEEEEzus christ, man, wotta goddamn shitshow, huh? Not that anyone with two synapses to rub together could tell you that the US boss media were pulling it straight outta their ass, that it wasn’t a “spy balloon” and probably not even Chinese, given the US media’s record over the past 30, 40 years.

Finally, about 2 weeks into this Mel Brooks movie, the Pentagon Amateur Hour crew starts shuffling and backpedaling and stammering like Porky Pig that well, OK, it wasn’t really dangerous and probably not a surveillance balloon after all — and while that’s going on, a bunch of Top Gun wannabes piss away $2m worth of our tax money shooting down what was probably some kid’s science project, likely to get Marjorie Taylor-Greene to shut the hell up. And btw, when a fascist freak like MTG is allowed to sit in Congress and yell for something to be shot down as if it were “Call Of Duty” or something, you know your Rules-Based Order™ is circling the shitter.

So, if you’re thinking that Uncle Joe’s handling of this and other foreign policy batshittery he’s stoking up is looking more and more like a rejected Pinky And The Brain plot — except that P & the B actually had their shit together a little more — join the club, kiddos. Hell, the Chinese were showing more class in their little finger than the US and the West at large, who spent the last 2 weeks filling every pair of BVD’s in the drawer.

Ha haahhhhh, NARF.

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Oh, the balloonity!

By mike flugennockMonday - February 13th, 2023Categories: Bidenism, China, war and peace

My daily accidental random 15 seconds of MSNBC has become more and more hilarious by the day lately, because balloons. The teleprompter readers are absolutely apoplectic about the freakin’ BALLOONS which are supposedly from ZOMG BAD EVIL CHINA. Except now, they prefer to refer to them as “unidentified objects” for some reason likely related to the volume of snickering coming from the general public at the sight of corporate media drones panting, drooling and soaking their panties over the prospect of an F16 shooting down A FREAKIN’ BALLOON.

OK, so we’re shooting down UFO’s now, is that it? I’m guessing they decided to stop mentioning that they’re balloons because people were laughing so goddamn hard they didn’t hear the propaganda and didn’t get as scared as they were supposed to. So, now we’ve got four of ‘em, and the last three were “unidentified”? And are we supposed to be more alarmed about allegedly being surveilled by China than we are about being surveilled for sure by at least half a dozen agencies in our own goddamn country?

Balloons, y’all. Freakin’ BALLOONS. Or, I guess they’re UFO’s now, then.

And, does this mean that China is the source of UFO’s? And so what have we got on ice at Area 51, then — not space alien bodies at all, but just some frozen Chinese guys?

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