Obama’s “March On Washington” 50th Anniversary Speech, Condensed

Obama’s “March On Washington” 50th Anniversary Speech, Condensed

By mike flugennockThursday - August 29th, 2013Categories: Health Care, Obamarama, Party Animals, mediaTags:,

If you’re like me, you’ve had it up to your ears with Liberal hack pundits comparing Barack Obama to Martin Luther King this past week. Still, when you stop to consider: King had a dream, and Obama has a “kill list” — both pretty high aspirations, so in that sense, yes, they are similar.

If that isn’t bad enough, it seems as if the media were packed to the gills this week with every opportunist Liberal politician who can get near a TV camera trying to tell us what King would’ve thought were he alive today. What really gave me a Hot Dog Burp Of Disgust was Obama himself trying to tell us that King would’ve supported Obamacare. Yes, that’s right — President Drone Strike looked us all right in the eye and said that Martin Luther King would’ve supported a big, fat pork barrel for healthcare and pharmaceutical corporations, a massive sweetheart deal forcing us all to pay a tithe to the insurance industry. I know the President Of The Largest Purveyor Of Violence has been cranking up the Obamacare hard-sell these days, but that’s really jumping the shark.

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Tuscon Citizen, 08.28.13: Obama says speaking in King’s shadow like “following Jesus”

London Daily Mail, 08.14.11: Obama compares self to Martin Luther King at $36k-a-head Democratic Party fundraiser

The Politico, 08.27.13: Obama says King would’ve liked Obamacare

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