It’s Going To Be a New Day…

It’s Going To Be a New Day…

By mike flugennockSunday - November 5th, 2006Categories: Economy, Iraq, Party Animals, War on Terror, elections, liberty, war and peaceTags:, ,

Well, fan-damn tastic! The Armani Democrats are in the house! Let’s find out what new, exciting changes we’ll see on these major issues…
newday5part650wI’ll never forget seeing Nancy Pelosi on Meet The Press back in May; after mentioning that the impeachment of President Chimp is “off the table” — despite having a record of impeachable offenses as long as his arm — she then goes on to say that when the Democrats get a majority in Congress in November, “it’s going to be a new day”… a statement almost as cringeworthy as her appearance on the NBC Today Show in November of ‘02, after her election as House Minority Leader, where she declares the Democratic leadership “stands shoulder-to-shoulder with President Bush” in the rush to war in Iraq.

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