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DCMJ Says “Welcome to Washington, DC!”

By mike flugennockWednesday - January 4th, 2017Categories: 2016 Election, DC Local, Health Care, Trumpism, elections, liberty, right wingnuts, smoke-ins

DCMJ says "Welcome to Washington, 115th Congress", 01.03.17 from Mike Flugennock on Vimeo.

Yesterday, January 3, the DCMJ Welcoming Committee was on hand at Union Station to greet new and returning staffers to the incoming 115th Congress with leaflets and a little education on Sen. Jeff Sessions (R-AL), Trump’s nominee for US Attorney General. This was followed by yet another jaunt up to Capitol Hill to Senators’ offices to pass out a letter containing questions for Sessions’ confirmation hearings, after which we adjourned to the DCMJ World Headquarters for a good old-fashioned rolling party in preparation for January 20.

Photographed and edited by Mike Flugennock,
TRT 06:36

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Sorta-sponsored Post

By mike flugennockSunday - August 14th, 2016Categories: DC Local, liberty

Back about a month ago, Capitol Hemp was inundated in the Great Bongwater Flood Of 2016. After about a week’s worth of bailing, vacuuming and clean-up, the shop was back in business.

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Soggy, Used Teabagger

By mike flugennockTuesday - July 15th, 2014Categories: DC Local, Party Animals, elections, liberty, right wingnuts

So… when we last left DC, it was being bullied by the Federal Government in the person of one US Rep. Andy Harris of Maryland, over DC’s city council vote to decriminalize marijuana.

What I didn’t find out until just last week is that Harris ran with the Tea Party and was elected as part of the big Teabagger Wave. And here he is, using Federal power to interfere with the affairs of State and local governments. So, how’s that going down with the “base”, Mr. Get The Feds Off Our Backs?

11×12 inch medium-res grayscale .jpg image, 502kb.

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Show Us Where It Hurts

By mike flugennockThursday - May 17th, 2001Categories: DC Local, Health Care

When you’re a K Street big shot, you like your local politicians to stay bought and keep their campaign promises, and that’s why around the turn of the century, Anthony Williams would’ve been your man. Among his top priorities as Mayor was closing down DC General Hospital, the city’s only public hospital and, in spite of constant alarmist rumors in the Washington Times, not a hell hole.


Among the other jewels of the Williams Legacy was his keeping of campaign promises to close homeless family shelters, to close and sell a fistful of public schools for redevelopment as condominiums or health clubs, and to run poor and working-class people out of DC and replace them with people who can afford to shop downtown and who are most likely to vote for Anthony Williams (or someone like him… like, say, Adrian Fenty).

Medium-res jpg image, 710k

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