Sorta-sponsored Post

Sorta-sponsored Post

By mike flugennockSunday - August 14th, 2016Categories: DC Local, libertyTags:, , ,

Back about a month ago, Capitol Hemp was inundated in the Great Bongwater Flood Of 2016. After about a week’s worth of bailing, vacuuming and clean-up, the shop was back in business.

As it happened, the water main break and flooding happened in the midst of preparations for Capitol Hemp’s first anniversary; this became a celebration of both that historic anniversary and the shop’s grand re-reopening.

Alien headgear! Geeky glasswork! Flashbacks! It’s not really a regular head shop in the traditional sense; it’s more like a tech shop, kinda like Radio Shack back in the ’70s.

Commemorate the Great Bongwater Flood of 2016
with this limited edition T-shirt designed by yours truly.

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