Show Us Where It Hurts

Show Us Where It Hurts

By mike flugennockThursday - May 17th, 2001Categories: DC Local, Health CareTags:, ,

When you’re a K Street big shot, you like your local politicians to stay bought and keep their campaign promises, and that’s why around the turn of the century, Anthony Williams would’ve been your man. Among his top priorities as Mayor was closing down DC General Hospital, the city’s only public hospital and, in spite of constant alarmist rumors in the Washington Times, not a hell hole.


Among the other jewels of the Williams Legacy was his keeping of campaign promises to close homeless family shelters, to close and sell a fistful of public schools for redevelopment as condominiums or health clubs, and to run poor and working-class people out of DC and replace them with people who can afford to shop downtown and who are most likely to vote for Anthony Williams (or someone like him… like, say, Adrian Fenty).

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