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“Progressive” Sanders Loves Him Some Drones

By mike flugennockFriday - September 4th, 2015Categories: 2016 Election, Afghanistan, Middle East, Party Animals, War on Terror, elections, war and peace

I was just checking out this short article in The Hill today about Pwogwessive hero Bernie Sanders and his declaration that he wouldn’t end the US drone warfare program. Can somebody please tell me again why I should so much as lift a finger to support this brazen hypocrite? Check this out:

“I think we have to use drones very, very selectively and effectively. That has not always been the case,” Sanders said.

No shit, Sherlock. Christ, is this clown really the Great Progressive Hope? Are you friggin’ kidding me, man?

“What you can argue is that there are times and places where drone attacks have been effective,” he added.

Oh, yeah, especially against weddings, funerals and schools. Now we know why Bernie doesn’t spend much time discussing foreign policy, and prefers to keep beating the shit out of that old economic inequality riff. If Pwogwessive America found out too much too soon, they’d bolt the Donkeycratic Party and run like the place was on fire.

Basically, what we’re got here is a warmed-over Obama, with the economic inequality rhetoric dialed up a notch or two for all the gullible bougie pwogwessives. Dude had to be dragged kicking and screaming into addressing the ongoing police reign of terror against Black America, and he’d probably still be ignoring the issue if #BlackLivesMatter hadn’t publicly gotten all up in his shit about it.

This doorknob needs to stop referring to his sheepdog campaign as a goddamn’ “revolution”. It’s really offensive.

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Leave Bernie Alone!

By mike flugennockWednesday - August 26th, 2015Categories: 2016 Election, Party Animals, elections, liberty, media

Looks like “Progressive” America is still yelling for a WAAAAHHHHmbulance after a Bernie Sanders media event was busted up by #BlackLivesMatter. After months of Sanders failing to address the ongoing wave of racist police terrorism, #BLM took it on themselves to bring it up in Seattle — much to the consternation of lily-white “Progressive” America.

Never mind that Sanders — along with the rest of Liberal and “Progressive” America — happily got on board with Bill Clinton’s brutal assault on the Serbian people in the Spring of 1999. Never mind that after Nineleven™, Sanders just as happily voted to fund the assaults on the people of Afghanistan and the liberty and dignity of US citizens by the Department of Homeland Security. Never mind that Sanders has had little problem voting to fund Israeli barbarity in Palestine and the coup government in the Ukraine. Never mind that Sanders lobbied heavily for a slice of war machine pork barrel in Vermont in the form of a USAF F-35 base.

Never mind all that; “Progressive” America honestly still thinks that Sanders can bring this country the kind of revolutionary change it needs, so when somebody comes along — especially black somebodies — to call him out on his hypocrisies, all “Progressive” America seems to care about is that they’re making Bernie look bad. “Why don’t you disrupt Republican events?” they whine, predictably. “Why don’t you disrupt Hillary’s events?” they complain bitterly, crying, shrieking like that Chris Crocker kid in the infamous “Leave Britney Alone” video.

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By mike flugennockWednesday - August 12th, 2015Categories: 2016 Election, Party Animals, elections

What the hell kind of rank-ass politician goes on and on about “revolution” while voting to continue funding Israeli barbarity in Palestine? And what kind of politician talks big talk about “revolution” while knocking himself out to get a base in his home state for a fighter jet whose development ran into trillions of dollars, and already has a reputation for being one of the biggest pain-in-the-ass fighters the Air Force ever had? And what kind of politician can’t shut up about a “revolution” while running as a Democrat, for Christ’s sake?

“Feel The Bern”, my ass.

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