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Solidarity, from McPherson to Tahrir

By mike flugennockSunday - November 20th, 2011Categories: Middle East, Occupy, liberty

Still walking like an Egyptian!

OccupyDC, the Freedom Plaza Occupiers, and local Egyptian-American activists joined up today to march in solidarity with the revolutionaries at Tahrir Square, Cairo, visiting the downtown HQ of the Egyptian Defense Office. Marchers demanded the release of 12,000 citizens and activists held by the Egyptian SCAF (Supreme Council of the Armed Forces) junta, an end to military trials for civilians, and a proper trial for ex-dictator Mubarak as opposed to “a theatrical irony”.

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Occupy DC: Spank Of America!

By mike flugennockSunday - October 16th, 2011Categories: DC Local, Economy, Obamarama, Occupy, liberty

Dupont Circle branch of Bank Of America wussies out, closes ahead of protest visit “due to circumstances beyond our control”

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DC Is Occupied, At Last!

By mike flugennockFriday - October 7th, 2011Categories: Afghanistan, Economy, Health Care, Obamarama, Occupy, War on Terror, environment, liberty, war and peace

The “Occupy” Movement: now with 95% more “nyan”!


It was mostly the usual suspects, for sure, but it was still great to see Our Side finally get off its ass and into the streets again. Despite all the talk about Teabaggers beginning to get involved, I only saw the usual smattering of LaRouchies and Paultards, who were largely ignored except by those in need of cheap laffs. Also, much to my delight, I spotted one — count ‘em, one — 9/11 Tr00th freak in the crowd, his sign still demanding that someone “Investigate WTC 7″.

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