#SmokeSessions Returns to #ShowSessions

#SmokeSessions Returns to #ShowSessions

By mike flugennockFriday - December 9th, 2016Categories: DC Local, Trumpism, elections, libertyTags:, , , ,

#ShowSessions on Capitol Hill, Dec 08 2016 from Mike Flugennock on Vimeo.

Like MacArthur, they said they’d return, and they did. As advertised, the “Russell Building Posse” paid a repeat visit to the office of Senator and AG nominee Jeff Sessions to “show’n'tell” his media director the plant and people he railed against with his “good people” remarks about marijuana.

DCMJ’s Adam Eidinger brandishes a big, sweet bud of DC Diesel. The Posse’s entirely-legal peace offering to the folks at the prohibitionist Heritage Foundation was, needless to say, declined.

At Sen. Sessions office, Eidinger displays photos of cannabis grown legally by residents of Washington, DC in a meeting with Sen. Sessions’ media director, Chris Jackson.

Above, and below: The Russell Building Posse occupying Sen. Jeff Sessions’ office.

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