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Archimedes, Applied

By mike flugennockSaturday - February 19th, 2011Categories: Middle East, liberty

Who’s next? Who’s next?! C’mon, bring it!

Note to my American readers: this cartoon requires an understanding of basic scientific principles. If in doubt, consult a high-school science teacher — if he or she isn’t busy pushing creationism in class.

Medium-res grayscale jpeg image, 504kb.

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Suppress Our Tweets… We’ll Still Take The Streets!

By mike flugennockThursday - February 3rd, 2011Categories: Middle East, liberty

Recent events in Tunisia and Egypt have proven that the Internet and social networking on the Web have been instrumental in organizing and inspiring people to rise up against tyranny and spreading the news, but any desperate dictator out there should know by now that simply shutting off the Internet can’t stop a real revolution — especially in Egypt, where President Mubarak was a day late and a dollar short in trying to stop a popular uprising by crippling the Internet.

Here’s a piece that was inspired by a sign I saw carried by someone at last Saturday’s solidarity demonstration at the Egyptian Embassy:

18×24 inch medium-res color .jpg image, 800kb.

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Don’t Retreat — Retweet!

By mike flugennockTuesday - January 18th, 2011Categories: liberty, media

As inspired by the revolution in Tunisia, and the inflammatory violent rhetoric of Sarah Palin.

I read recently that after Twitter’s records were subpoenaed by the Feds, the number of users “following” Wikileaks increased by at least 12,000. Talk about your Spartacus Moment.

Here’s one for all you Twits out there who have followed Wikileaks since forever and who followed them since the subpoenas and for all the Twitter rioters in Tunisia. Until the final victory!

11×17″ medium-res color .jpg image, 748kb

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Expect Us

By mike flugennockSaturday - January 15th, 2011Categories: liberty, media

I don’t think I need to spend any more time here discussing the Anonymous vis-a-vis Wikileaks vs. The Feds situation, so I’ll just shut the hell up and get on with the goddamn’ cartoon, already.

11×17 inch medium-res color .jpg image, 492kb

…and, while you’re at it — now that you’ve finally jumped off of the Gabrielle Giffords Media Frenzy Train — why not catch up on what Anonymous has been up to in Tunisia:

Payback Is A Bitch — Isn’t It? Anonymous tells government of Tunisia: “Expect Us”; The Liberty Lamp, 01.02.11

4 The People Of Tunisia: A message to Tunisians from Anonymous; The Liberty Lamp, 01.03.11

From Tunisia, A Voice In Pain From The People: Tunisian political dissidents fight State interference in organizing, the intimidation of bloggers and other journalists, and ‘Net censorship; The Liberty Lamp, 01.06.11

Tunisian Facebook Riot! Legions of jobless youths organize protests and fuel rage with Facebook; Associated Press, 01.11.11

Prime Minister Takes Over As Ben Ali* Flees Tunisian Turmoil: Dictator’s whereabouts unknown;, 01.15.11

…and, of course, what summary of news from a foreign hot spot would be complete without:

US Warns Travelers Of Violence In Tunisia: Social unrest, foreigners could be targets, etc. etc. etc.; AFP, 01.13.11

*No, dumbass; not that Ben Ali.

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