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The Fire This Time

By mike flugennockSaturday - December 20th, 2014Categories: liberty

Finally. Why didn’t this happen sooner? Happy New Year, everybody.

Finally. Why didn’t this happen sooner? Happy New Year, everybody.

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Intifada Everywhere

By mike flugennockThursday - December 4th, 2014Categories: liberty, media

So, another filthy pig has gotten away with murder, this time in New York City — where a dude named Eric Garner was held down and choked to death while being arrested for selling loose cigarettes on the street, f’crissake. I can’t even, man. I just fucking can’t even.

This is in solidarity with people rising up against occupation and state brutality in Ferguson, Gaza, Ayotzinapa and New York City.

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Bringin’ It On Down To Georgetown

By mike flugennockSunday - November 30th, 2014Categories: liberty, media

Bringin’ It On Down To Georgetown, Nov 29 2014 from Mike Flugennock on Vimeo.

It may not have been as huge as the crowd last Tuesday night, but it was nonetheless a big, healthy and sprited bunch that took the streets of Georgetown yesterday afternoon in solidarity with the people of occupied Ferguson, MO and cities all across the US where black and brown people are being terrorized and murdered by police.

Total running time: 06:46

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