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Bush/Saddam ‘04

By mike flugennockWednesday - December 31st, 2003Categories: Bushit, Iraq, elections, right wingnuts, war and peace

Once and future Defense Secretary meets once and future GOP Presidential running mateThe George II re-selection campaign is kicking off with a bombshell (so to speak) – they’re ditching Dick Cheney for a guy who knows how to use both sides of his face: that long-time Washington insider himself, hanger-out with Don “Rummy” Rumsfeld – Saddam “Saddam” Hussein! The media, of course, is always on the lookout for some meager shred of good news out of Iraq; NBC presented us with a free GOP political ad in the form of their “Saddam Captured Marathon” spanning the entirety of NBC’s Sunday morning blabfest programming.


President Junior may have been abjectly stupid, but once in a while had those rare flashes of brilliance — like using the head of state of an “enemy” nation as his unofficial running mate, just as his old man tried to do in ‘92. Of course, it didn’t hurt that the Donkeycrats — weak-assed and dickless, as usual — ran a phone-in campaign with a nominee that made Lurch (from the “Addams Family”) look positively scintillating by comparison, thereby cementing the Donkeycrats’ reputation for being craven dive artists.

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Hail to the Thieves!

By mike flugennockThursday - December 7th, 2000Categories: Bushit, Clintontime, elections, media

Throughout the campaign, the Repuglicans slang mud, made up outrageous claims based on words pulled from random context (Al Gore saying “I invented the Internet”), and made the most absurd threats they could think of to suppress minority turnout. The Donkeycrats, meanwhile, were busy bullying, belittling and threatening Nader/Green supporters and the rest of the Left for not supporting their craven, gutless asses, and threatening them with guilt for bringing down the bloody boot heel of GOP tyranny on all of us for voting Green (”a vote for Nader is a vote for Bush”).


Finally, as we all know, it came down to the good and saintly Donkeycrats against the mean old nasty Repuglicans in a close one in Florida — as some wags like to say, “close enough to steal”. The mean old nasty Repuglicans were doing things like busing in gangs of college brownshirts — these Brownshirts wore crisp white shirts and nice ties and khaki pants, though — to harass election-office workers and disrupt the recount; the good and saintly Donkeycrats, meanwhile, not wanting to reveal their years of complicity in profiling and other racist Drug War policies that created thousands of young black felons — and, subsequently, thousands of young black non-voters — were reduced to mealy-mouthed lawyerly tap-dancing about hanging chads, pregnant chads, the intent of the voter, and all sorts of other banal “meaning of is” bullshit.

In the middle of all the pissing contests in the media and in the streets in front of the Supreme Court building, there was still the Counter-Inaugural mobilizations to be planned and organized and, of course, the poster to be designed and made street-ready by the middle of December. Considering the behavior of the two major parties throughout the campaign, and especially during the Florida recount circus, the whole theater playing out in front of me started to look less like a political dispute between two election campaigns and more like a gang war, like in a Quentin Tarantino film, like Reservoir Dogs or something. The suspicion, jealousy and paranoia had gotten to be too much, and the two hoods who pulled off the caper were turning on each other.

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