Bush/Saddam ‘04

Bush/Saddam ‘04

By mike flugennockWednesday - December 31st, 2003Categories: Bushit, Iraq, elections, right wingnuts, war and peaceTags:, , , ,

Once and future Defense Secretary meets once and future GOP Presidential running mateThe George II re-selection campaign is kicking off with a bombshell (so to speak) – they’re ditching Dick Cheney for a guy who knows how to use both sides of his face: that long-time Washington insider himself, hanger-out with Don “Rummy” Rumsfeld – Saddam “Saddam” Hussein! The media, of course, is always on the lookout for some meager shred of good news out of Iraq; NBC presented us with a free GOP political ad in the form of their “Saddam Captured Marathon” spanning the entirety of NBC’s Sunday morning blabfest programming.


President Junior may have been abjectly stupid, but once in a while had those rare flashes of brilliance — like using the head of state of an “enemy” nation as his unofficial running mate, just as his old man tried to do in ‘92. Of course, it didn’t hurt that the Donkeycrats — weak-assed and dickless, as usual — ran a phone-in campaign with a nominee that made Lurch (from the “Addams Family”) look positively scintillating by comparison, thereby cementing the Donkeycrats’ reputation for being craven dive artists.

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