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…because Ideas Are Bulletproof!

By mike flugennockThursday - July 21st, 2011Categories: liberty, media

This past week the FBI, in a nationwide sweep, arrested 16 members of Anonymous in connection with the famous DDoS of PayPal (yeah, fuck PayPal) in solidarity with Wikileaks — including a 13 year-old boy whose family was terrorized at gunpoint while agents searched their house and siezed computer equipment. Shortly after the arrests, the National Lawyers Guild responded with an offer of defense and other legal resources to the arrested Anons.

This cartoon is in solidarity with the arrested Anons in the USA and with Anons worldwide… because ideas are bulletproof.

11×17 medium-res grayscale .jpg image, 432kb.

Keep up with the news from Anonymous freedom-fighters world wide at the AnonOps Communications blog, and on their Twitter feed.

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Black Monday! Tsunami Reaches Bank Of America

By mike flugennockTuesday - March 15th, 2011Categories: media

So, I’m digesting all the news from Japan, about the earthquake and tsunamis, and about how the tsunamis are eventually supposed to reach the US mainland, when I also get the news about Anonymous’ upcoming “Black Monday” massive leaks of private Bank Of America emails revealing evidence of mortgage fraud and corruption. At that moment I realized it was time for another parody of a famous work of art…

11×15 inch medium-res color .jpg image, 656kb

Leaked Bank Of America emails via Anonymous, as an MS Word document, 2.5mb

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Don’t Retreat — Retweet!

By mike flugennockTuesday - January 18th, 2011Categories: liberty, media

As inspired by the revolution in Tunisia, and the inflammatory violent rhetoric of Sarah Palin.

I read recently that after Twitter’s records were subpoenaed by the Feds, the number of users “following” Wikileaks increased by at least 12,000. Talk about your Spartacus Moment.

Here’s one for all you Twits out there who have followed Wikileaks since forever and who followed them since the subpoenas and for all the Twitter rioters in Tunisia. Until the final victory!

11×17″ medium-res color .jpg image, 748kb

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Expect Us

By mike flugennockSaturday - January 15th, 2011Categories: liberty, media

I don’t think I need to spend any more time here discussing the Anonymous vis-a-vis Wikileaks vs. The Feds situation, so I’ll just shut the hell up and get on with the goddamn’ cartoon, already.

11×17 inch medium-res color .jpg image, 492kb

…and, while you’re at it — now that you’ve finally jumped off of the Gabrielle Giffords Media Frenzy Train — why not catch up on what Anonymous has been up to in Tunisia:

Payback Is A Bitch — Isn’t It? Anonymous tells government of Tunisia: “Expect Us”; The Liberty Lamp, 01.02.11

4 The People Of Tunisia: A message to Tunisians from Anonymous; The Liberty Lamp, 01.03.11

From Tunisia, A Voice In Pain From The People: Tunisian political dissidents fight State interference in organizing, the intimidation of bloggers and other journalists, and ‘Net censorship; The Liberty Lamp, 01.06.11

Tunisian Facebook Riot! Legions of jobless youths organize protests and fuel rage with Facebook; Associated Press, 01.11.11

Prime Minister Takes Over As Ben Ali* Flees Tunisian Turmoil: Dictator’s whereabouts unknown;, 01.15.11

…and, of course, what summary of news from a foreign hot spot would be complete without:

US Warns Travelers Of Violence In Tunisia: Social unrest, foreigners could be targets, etc. etc. etc.; AFP, 01.13.11

*No, dumbass; not that Ben Ali.

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