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Hoorah, sledding!

By mike flugennockSaturday - December 19th, 2015Categories: DC Local, Health Care, liberty

According to this report on WAMU-FM here in DC, the latest Congressional spending bill prevents the District Of Columbia from funding abortion services for poor women and regulating and taxing the sale of marijuana. They did, however, repeal the ban on sledding on the Capitol grounds, after a vigorous local outcry last winter.

Apparently, they’re still hurting from all the bad publicity they caught with the sledding ban, but could care less about all the ill will they get by restricting women’s healthcare rights and the right to tax and regulate a plant that’s been legal for nearly a year. Still, there’s prime sledding opening up on the hill at the West Front, so there’s that.

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Life: What a Wonderful Choice

By mike flugennockSaturday - April 15th, 1995Categories: Clintontime, Health Care, liberty

About the same time the anti-abortion fanatics were defacing Dave Letterman’s program with their “Life: What A Wonderful Choice” issue ads, their foot soldiers in the field were busy bombing clinic and shooting at doctors — and patients. A spate of clinic shootings and bombings around mid-1995ish went largely unremarked on by President Bill, as I recall, as Mr. Bill may have been busy trying to provoke Iraq and “reform” welfare (as we know it).


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