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Defending the Embassy, Defending Liberty

By mike flugennockThursday - May 9th, 2019Categories: Trumpism, liberty, right wingnuts, war and peace

A new low was reached this week when, at the direction of the US Secret Service, Potomac Electric Power Company cut off the electricity to the Venezuelan Embassy in Washington DC, in an effort to force out members of Code Pink and other organizations there – at the invitation of the staff – defending the Embassy against a siege by thuggish supporters of the attempted putsch by US-backed fascist failson Juan “Guido” Guaidò.

This is in addition to ongoing attempts to prevent the delivery of food to the Embassy, ironically mirroring the economic warfare being waged against the people of Venezuela by the US Empire.

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By mike flugennockFriday - May 3rd, 2019Categories: Globalization, right wingnuts, war and peace

“Hello, Mom…? It’s Juan. Can you come pick me up from coup practice?”
–Juan Guaido, “Interim President” of Venezuela, 04.30.19

I can’t pretend I didn’t enjoy watching the massive faceplant that was “Operation Liberty”, the latest attempt to topple Chavismo and install Washington darling and fascist enabler Juan “Guido” Guaido in Venezuela.

It was pure comedy gold, watching Guido’s handlers in Washington stepping on their own cranks trying to spin the events in Caracas this past week, and Guido’s flunkies seeking refuge in the Brazilian and Chilean embassies in order to continue their “provisional” shenanagans. It was like watching a coup attempt staged by Mel Brooks.

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Only In New York

By mike flugennockTuesday - April 30th, 2019Categories: 2020 Election, Party Animals, elections, media

Welp, folks, it’s official: Lis Smith is the Sidney Falco of our era. Who else would have the skills, connections, and moral turpitude to pull together this ham-handed stunt involving Pete Buttigieg riding the subway to a joint in Harlem to split a bottle of hot sauce with Al Sharpton?

It’s been reported they discussed racial disparity n’shit, but let’s get serious; this was just a freakin’ foto op. They could’ve been re-enacting the fake orgasm scene from When Harry Met Sally for all we know. I mean, c’mon, look at all the freakin’ cameras in that place, crowding the window.

The questions I’d like to ask here are: what brand is that hot sauce, and why haven’t they brought out the mayo yet? You know… that big ‘ol jar of weak, tasteless, store-brand diet mayo…? Oh, waitaminnit…

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