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It’s A Miracle!

By mike flugennockSunday - July 21st, 2024Categories: 2024 Election, Bidenism, Party Animals, elections, media

It’s a Sunday morning as I write this, and I can’t stop imagining Liberals all over Amerika seeing Genocide Joe’s grinning mug on slices of burnt toast and considering it a clear sign that he should stay in the race — when what it actually means, of course…

11×17 inch medium-res color .jpg image, 711kb.

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By mike flugennockSunday - July 14th, 2024Categories: 2024 Election, Bidenism, Party Animals, elections, media

MSNBC has gone into full-on Panic Mode, peak Pay No Attention To The Man Behind The Curtain Mode, completely off-scale He’s Not Dead, He’s Just Resting Mode — and I’m love, love, loving it.

I loved watching the Chair of the Congressional Black Caucus blustering that Biden Is The Nominee, Dammit, He’s Playing 10-Dimensional Chess, Has X-Ray Vision And Is Just Pining For The Fjords in a desperate attempt to convince us — or mostly himself — that Genocide Joe really can see around corners, and I loved a recently-rehabbed post-MeToo Chris Matthews in fine voice, literally shouting at the viewers that Uncle Joe can slice’n'dice Trump with one hand tied behind his back and is just stunned right now, and he doesn’t want any shit about it.

10×17 inch high-res color .jpg image, 2mb

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Doubts In The Donor Class

By mike flugennockSaturday - July 6th, 2024Categories: 2024 Election, Bidenism, Party Animals, elections, media

Ever since the last “debate”, I and millions like me are walkin’ on sunshine because finally, at long last, the mask is finally off. After that classic episode of Must-Not-Unsee TV, there’s no getting around the fact that our ruling class is entirely incompetent, that democracy and the “rules-based order” are s sham, and that Amerika and the West have fallen and can’t get up.

MSNBC, CNN and the New York Times are boiling with Liberal panic and denial right now — panic and denial so thick you can smell it through the TV set — and I can’t pretend I’m not enjoying it. Joe Scarborough was priceless; dude was shouting — like, really yelling — about how insanely awesome Joe Biden is, how he could leap tall buildings and has x-ray vision and rescued the economy and is the only thing standing between us and fascism, yelling so loudly that you could hear the echo in the studio; absolutely hilarious. You could almost see the little wisps of cartoon steam coming out of his ears.

In the “weighing how to respond” department, I hear that most rich-ass DNC donors have been upping their day-drinking game when lacking the cajones for suicide.

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Netanyahu’s Comin’ To Town

By mike flugennockSunday - June 23rd, 2024Categories: 2024 Election, Bidenism, Middle East, war and peace

“The invitation of Netanyahu, signed by the ‘bipartisan leadership of the United States House of Representatives and the United States Senate,’ is a political provocation against mass opposition to the genocide in Gaza, in the US and throughout the world. It is a declaration of political and moral solidarity with a murderer who has been accused by the top prosecutor of the International Criminal Court of war crimes.”
—from the Statement of the World Socialist Web Site Editorial Board, 06.10.2024

“All over, people changin’ their votes along with their overcoats;
If Adolf Hitler flew in today, they’d send a limousine anyway!”

—The Clash, 1977

The Editors of the World Socialist Web Site blog are calling for a mass mobilization to greet Israeli Führer Benjamin Netanyahu when he comes to slime Washington, DC on July 24 and I, for one, am absolutely down for giving this sonofabitch the welcome he deserves when he comes barging into my city.

So, here’s my contribution to the propaganda effort, complete with “your message here” space, suitable for printing — and wheatpasting — at 11×17 on any walk-up digital color copier.

11×17 inch high-res color .jpg image, 1.2mb

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