Deportation: the Day After

Deportation: the Day After

By mike flugennockFriday - July 20th, 2007Categories: Bushit, Economy, liberty, right wingnutsTags:

So, it seems a bunch of yahoos in various state and county legislatures are bound and determined to rid the place of “illegal” immigrants — “illegal”, that is, in the sense of legality randomly pulled out of some racist politician’s ass about a century or so ago. Of course, “illegal immigration” probably ranks right up there with “intellectual property” on the all-time list of concepts totally pulled out of the asses of politicians.


So, Fine. Just fine. Go ahead, make life so miserable for them that they leave. Hell, why not just deport ‘em while you’re at it, if it’ll make you feel better…?

Great. They’re gone. Congratulations. So, who’s going to build your houses and fix your streets? Who’s going to clean your office building at night? Who’s going to do your landscaping work? Who’s going to be your nanny — especially at the wages they’re paid for these jobs, and considering the crap they have to put up with from employers. Most of your average Americans sure wouldn’t take those jobs because of that; either that, or — more likely — they’re all on their sofas waiting for their phones to ring with an offer to be Donald Trump’s Apprentice, or perhaps keeping their options flexible in case that lucrative position as an American Idol Winner comes open.

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