Katrina Marches on Washington

Katrina Marches on Washington

By mike flugennockFriday - September 9th, 2005Categories: Bushit, EconomyTags:,

katrinamarchesondc550wAs public outrage over the Bush Regime’s handling of the humanitarian disaster in New Orleans following Hurricane Katrina began to grow and spread, I thought it might be a good idea to create a second poster for the upcoming national antiwar mobe based on this theme, to tap into that sentiment and spur more intense involvement in the demonstrations.

At last, here was one that President Chimp and his lapdog Congress and media couldn’t spin their way out of. “I didn’t expect the levees to break”, easily one of the most incredible whopping lame-assed “dog ate my homework” excuses ever, was a comment I couldn’t help laughing at in spite of everything because it was just too damn’ much like watching Saturday Night Live.

So, to help juice up peoples’ attitude at the upcoming events in DC, a little something in solidarity with the dispossessed in Fallujah, Iraq, and her sister city, New Orleans.

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