Know Your Enemy

Know Your Enemy

So, this week, about two and a half months into this horror, it finally dawned on Genocide Joe and the New York Times that relentlessly bombing the ever-lovin’ piss out of a practically defenseless civilian population which is at least half children in a genocidal campaign of ethnic cleansing might cause you some PR issues down the road…

About this same time, the Washington Post was clutching its pearls over the staggering amount of “dumb bombs” being used to pummel civilians’ homes into a flaming hellscape, as if using more precisely guided munitions might make the genocide more palatable to Mr. and Mrs. Amerika. Dumb bombs, dumb policy, dumb leadership, dumb people and a dumb nation. Dumb all over, and ugly on the side.

Meanwhile, Jews all over the place are getting on the right side of history and remembering the value of resistance, and Hamas is Numero Uno in Gaza (I wonder why?). Despite the shrieking, blustering, threatening, banning and blacklisting, this time around they can’t stop the world from watching, seeing, talking about Palestine and acting on it.

What’s that sound, getting louder? Time’s up.

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