By mike flugennockWednesday - November 15th, 2023Categories: Bidenism, Middle East, War on Terror, media, war and peaceTags:, ,

For real, serious — the USA and Israel are obviously 110% on the wrong side of history, millions around the Earth are standing together against their butchery, and the only response that the USA, Israel and their media flunkies can muster is to basically just scream back at us to shut up and then try to pretend we don’t exist. If it weren’t so disgusting, it’d be even more hilarious; these bastards have built themselves a seriously goofy alternate reality and are determined to stay in it even while it’s collapsing on them. It’s as if they actually know how much of the Earth actually believes their shit, but it’s all they got, so they have to stick with it.

Meanwhile, yesterday saw the “National March For Israel” polluting my neighborhood — from all accounts, spit in the ocean compared to the waves of uprising going on against their fascist asses and, as I’d guessed, the likes of MSNBC were absolutely all over this horseshit this morning. I could almost smell Joe Scarborough & krew soaking their panties on the air as they swooned over that gaggle. “Politicians, celebrities, hostages’ family members joined thousands…” they gushed all morning today; the MSNBC anchor didn’t even bother to tamp down the schoolgirl pride welling up in her voice. The celebrities included alleged actress and veteran Left basher extraordinaire Debra Messing, which ought to tell you something.

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