Four More Years, no.2

Four More Years, no.2

By mike flugennockWednesday - December 1st, 2004Categories: Bushit, Iraq, elections, liberty, war and peaceTags:, ,

So, here we are: four more years of George W. Chimp. Of course, predictably, all the Democrats and Liberals were howling about how they lost because of all those terrible people who voted for Ralph Nader. Never mind that the Democrats chose to nominate the most bland, uninspiring ticket ever; never mind that the Democratic nominee supported pretty much everything Bush did (except, of course when he opposed it). Never mind that John Kerry just sat there like a goddamn’ lump while the Bush campaign slapped him around, kicked him in the nuts and accused him of falsifying his war record — not that it didn’t serve Kerry right for bragging about his goddamn’ war record, and assuming for just a moment that a willingness to follow orders to kill and die unquestioningly somehow qualifies one to hold public office. Naahh, it was those mean old Nader supporters that cost ‘em the election; the Democrats remain convinced of that. Of course, the Democrats also remain convinced that things would’ve been different under a Kerry Administration, so there you are.

2005inaugural4part650wThis series of posters promoted the Counterinaugural activities scheduled to coincide with the Second Coronation of George W. Chimp; they illustrate what we were in for four more years of Bush. To be honest, despite these being some of the best pieces I’ve done, I felt rather awkward doing them, as I worried they’d convey the impression that I believed things would’ve been substantially different had Kerry been “elected” when in fact, given Kerry’s record, they wouldn’t have — except, perhaps, for the delicious irony of hearing protesting crowds in the streets chanting “Hey, Hey, JFK! How many kids did you kill today?”

War and Occupation, medium-res jpg, 774k
Guantanamo, medium-res jpg, 645k
Greed, Injustice, Deceit, medium-res jpg, 710k
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