Obama “Supports” #OWS

Obama “Supports” #OWS

By mike flugennockFriday - November 25th, 2011Categories: Economy, Obamarama, Occupy, liberty, mediaTags:, , , ,

If the news of Wall Street stooge Barack Obama voicing his mealy-mouthed, tepid “support” for Occupy Wall Street wasn’t enough to make you blow your lunch, perhaps the news that the nationwide raids on Occupy Movement encampments were coordinated by the Feds and Obama’s DHS might induce a Technicolor Yawn.

So, next time you’re at an Occupy protest and the pigs get squirrely and start pepper-spraying and clubbing people, just remember that these police riots were coordinated by Federal authorities under the administration of Barack Obama, and that it’s just as if President Sparkle Pony himself were spraying and clubbing you.

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