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A Year After Katrina…

By mike flugennockFriday - September 1st, 2006Categories: Bushit, Party Animals, elections, media

Ahh, it’s “election” season once again! This one slammed head-on into my brain after reading little bits of Dubya’s speech on the Katrina anniversary, after seeing the montage of drowning victims in Spike Lee’s documentary, and after reading in various news reports that a year after the hurricane, corpses were still being found.


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“Birth Pangs of a New Middle East”

By mike flugennockTuesday - July 25th, 2006Categories: Bushit, Middle East, right wingnuts, war and peace

Is it just me, or did Secretary Of Snake Condolee-ee-ee-eezza Rice make one of her weirdest statements ever last weekend — even weirder than that NBC “Today” interview where she said “freedom is on the march” about half a dozen times? Oh, and I love the part where she says that “We’re going through a very violent time.” “WE”? What do you mean “we”, white woman?


All in all, though, quite a bout of birth pangs, there; shame it couldn’t have been a more quiet, serene and peaceful birthing experience, like Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise’s baby.

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Nuclear Threat

By mike flugennockThursday - June 8th, 2006Categories: Bushit, Middle East, war and peace

I saw on the morning news the footage of the first successful synthesis of uranium by the Iranians. I saw a scientist holding up this little capsule of radioactive gas with this theatrically triumphant attitude. As I heard the pundits clucking on TV, I reminded myself, “OK, Iran’s finally gone nuclear, but who’s the real nuclear threat in the Middle East?” Every time I asked myself this, I kept coming up with the same answer:


BIG HINT: it begins with an “I”, ends with an “L”, and has “S-R-A-E” in the middle. Has anyone else noticed how the US Press and the State are shitting themselves over Iran finally managing to produce some crummy-assed smidgen of enriched uranium, while failing to point out that Israel has enough nukes to make a ring of craters around itself?

Let’s take a calm, close look, here. On the one hand, we have a nation that’s just now reached the Pinky And The Brain stage of nuclear development; on the other, a nation with at least 200 functional nuclear weapons of various types — most of which were supplied by the USA — on standby, ready to light the place up. Those of us out here who aren’t profoundly retarded can see who the real nuclear threat is here, and would really appreciate it if the US Media would quit jerking us around.

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