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Live From Rafah!

By mike flugennockFriday - May 31st, 2024Categories: 2024 Election, Party Animals, Trumpism, elections, media

Except for the occasional break to smear and low-key threaten the anti-genocide movements, MSNBC has been almost wall-to-wall with coverage of the trial of former El Presidente Donald Trump for paying off a porn actress to keep quiet about an affair.

Yep, that’s it — not anything he was responsible for in Bolivia, or Syria, or Yemen, or Venezuela, or for militarizing the southern border, or for the piss-poor Covid response, or the instigation of fascist violence, or basically for any actual serious crimes that the Democrats happily funded, helped him out with and cheered him on as he did it — just the hush money for the porn actress.

And, as one could predict by now, MSNBC’s punditocracy — and the US media at large — has been creaming its panties in front of god and everybody nearly non-stop since last night.

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Barbie Anchorbabe presents: The BarbWire

By mike flugennockMonday - April 17th, 2023Categories: Party Animals, Trumpism, elections, media

Those of you who know me well enough have heard me often joke about my now-customary Daily Accidental Random 15 Seconds Of MSNBC. For the past two weeks or so, it’s been the Donald Trump Indictment Show almost 24/7, to the exclusion of everything else going on in the world — uprising in France, poisoned air and water in Ohio and Indiana, Pentagon leaks exposing Amerika’s ugly naked ass over its action in Ukraine, you name it.

One morning about a week or so back, for the entire 15 seconds it took me to bring in Mrs. F’s coffee and Washington Post to the master bedroom, the babbling anchorbabe creaming her panties over the Trump indictment must’ve burbled the word “democracy” at least a dozen times. Normally, I’d suggest a drinking game, but I wouldn’t want to be responsible for anyone ending up in the ER after trying to throw back a shot every time some talking Barbie doll queefed out the word “democracy” on MSNBC.

The really hysterical thing is that — as per usual in this goddamn town — the Pushing Wing of the Party is more than willing to instigate the arrest and trial of a former guy — uhh, former President who leads the Shoving Wing of the Party, but not for any actual crimes against the People, as the leaders of the Pushing Wing of the Party are entirely complicit and would expose themselves. So, a cheap-ass sex scandal it isagain.

And what especially sucks is that the sonofabitch will never, ever see the inside of a prison cell for any crime ever, because the Democrats need him to run against. Hell, why provide a viable progressive alternative when you can just make up an enemy to jerk the Left back into line, amirite? LBJ never went to trial for any crimes, or Nixon, or Reagan, or Clinton — hell, George W. Bush not only never stood trial for his crimes, he got a goddamn one-man show at the Kennedy Center. Bah, fuck art.

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