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Expect Us

By mike flugennockSaturday - January 15th, 2011Categories: liberty, media

I don’t think I need to spend any more time here discussing the Anonymous vis-a-vis Wikileaks vs. The Feds situation, so I’ll just shut the hell up and get on with the goddamn’ cartoon, already.

11×17 inch medium-res color .jpg image, 492kb

…and, while you’re at it — now that you’ve finally jumped off of the Gabrielle Giffords Media Frenzy Train — why not catch up on what Anonymous has been up to in Tunisia:

Payback Is A Bitch — Isn’t It? Anonymous tells government of Tunisia: “Expect Us”; The Liberty Lamp, 01.02.11

4 The People Of Tunisia: A message to Tunisians from Anonymous; The Liberty Lamp, 01.03.11

From Tunisia, A Voice In Pain From The People: Tunisian political dissidents fight State interference in organizing, the intimidation of bloggers and other journalists, and ‘Net censorship; The Liberty Lamp, 01.06.11

Tunisian Facebook Riot! Legions of jobless youths organize protests and fuel rage with Facebook; Associated Press, 01.11.11

Prime Minister Takes Over As Ben Ali* Flees Tunisian Turmoil: Dictator’s whereabouts unknown;, 01.15.11

…and, of course, what summary of news from a foreign hot spot would be complete without:

US Warns Travelers Of Violence In Tunisia: Social unrest, foreigners could be targets, etc. etc. etc.; AFP, 01.13.11

*No, dumbass; not that Ben Ali.

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