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Umbrella Revolution

By mike flugennockFriday - October 3rd, 2014Categories: Occupy, media

Ever notice how the “Occupy Central” protests in Hong Kong are getting so much positive coverage in the US Media? It’s no wonder, when you consider how much funding and training their “leaders” have gotten from US State Department front groups like the NED and USAID.

If your revolution has its own color or a cute nickname, then you just might be in a co-opted, stage-managed, NED-funded fake “revolution”.

The (NED Financed) Hong Kong Riots, Moon Of Alabama, 09.29.14

On Occupy Central’s Ties With The NED, CommonDreams, 10.02.14

US State Dept Funding And Occupy Central, The Ties That Bind, Revolution News 10.01.14

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