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Mubarack Obama

By mike flugennockWednesday - February 2nd, 2011Categories: Middle East, Obamarama, liberty

A quick’n'dirty one, while I try and think of some decent Egypt cartoons.

Do you realize that if you take the “Mu” off of “Mubarak” and stick a “c” before the “k”, you get Barack? Huh, no goddamn’ wonder President Sparkle Pony spent the past week sitting on his ass going “uhh, b’deah, b’deah, b’deah…”

11×17 medium-res color .jpg image, 400kb.

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…like an Egyptian

By mike flugennockSunday - January 30th, 2011Categories: Middle East, liberty

The bone-cold weather didn’t deter several hundred DC pro-democracy activists and Middle Eastern expats from protesting in solidarity against the Mubarak regime at the Egyptian Embassy in Washington, DC this past Saturday.

This video can also be viewed and/or downloaded at the following locations:

via LiveLeak.

via Viddler.
(an mpeg4 download link is also available here)

(this page contains an embedded viewer and an mpeg4 download link)

via Vimeo.

direct mpeg4 download via

Your best bet for getting a copy to view and save locally and post to your own video-sharing account is the link. It’s a 427×240-pixel mpeg4 coming in at around 41mb, and should take you about 20 minutes or so to download.

Sorry about all the multiple-link nuttiness, but it seems YouTube has an issue with my use of The Bangles’ “Walk Like An Egyptian”; they wanted to allow it, but with the audio track stripped out, the pricks. So, ironically, I’ve got my own Internet censorship workaround issues here.

Below, check out some fotos of the day’s event passed along by a comrade of mine:




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