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From Gaza to Missouri!

By mike flugennockTuesday - August 19th, 2014Categories: Black Lives Matter, Obamarama, liberty, media

Nothing bugs me more these days than listening to posh-living white Liberals whining about the “rioting” in Ferguson, Missouri.

Affluent, NPR check-mailing White Liberal Americans have never had to deal with being denied economic opportunities, decent housing opportunities, or educational opportunities, nor have they had to endure the threat of brutality and murder at the hands of police every day of their lives.

So, just shut the hell up, white Liberal America. You can call it anything you want, but don’t call it “rioting”. I prefer to call it “uprising”, or perhaps “intifada”.

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A Few Imbecile Comments On Ferguson, Stop Me Before I Vote Again 08.15.14

Protesters Say Ferguson Feels Like Gaza; Palestinians Tweet Back Advice, Huffington Post 08.14.14

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