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Afghan Women’s Liberation no. 2 (or, Won’t Somebody Think Of The Women?)

By mike flugennockSaturday - August 21st, 2021Categories: Afghanistan, Bidenism, Party Animals, War on Terror

When the US first set out inflicting two decades of destruction and misery on Afghanistan the Liberals, true to the old Phil Ochs song, were never more red, white and blue — and the Liberals’ most appallingly cynical appeals for support for that debacle came from the “imperial Feminists” who tried to tug our heartstrings with horror stories about burqas, illicit nail salons, and no HBO.

So, it was no surprise when America’s Imperial Feminists picked up where they left off, joining the chorus of bitching, pissing, moaning and sour-graping about their being run out of Afghanistan, reviving the tired old bromides about women’s rights and how the US “left women behind” when it dragged its bloody ass out of the place after twenty years in the Graveyard Of Empires.

The most unctous of these was an article in The Atlantic which dragged out every one of those tired old arguments, hoary old horseshit so old it’s got SCSI ports on the back. What was merely appalling twenty years ago is absolutely godawful today, considering the current abuse of working-class women in the US, and in US satellite states like Saudi Arabia:

One reason that we stayed in Afghanistan so long with nothing to show for it except the safety of women, @CaitlinPacific writes, is that for all of our sins, our default position is freedom.
—The Atlantic, @theatlantic on Twitter, 08.19.2021

Says on the author’s profile that she traffics in “thought crimes for all occasions”. I wouldn’t know about that, but that article of hers sure is a goddamn crime, I’ll tell ya that for free.

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Hold Your Nose!

By mike flugennockWednesday - June 20th, 2012Categories: Obamarama, Party Animals, elections

I first heard the lame Liberal rationale for voting against their values and interests — “holding my nose” — during the infamous “election” of 2000. In the decade or so since then, my reaction to that gutless cop-out has gone from outrage to annoyance to mild amusement to hysterics.

In every instance, my question — still awaiting an answer — has always been the same: how much longer are you going to sit still for the Democratic Party’s abuse? What are you going to do when the stench gets so bad that holding your nose doesn’t work?

The brain-dead philosophy of Liberal America — “holding your nose” and voting for “the lesser evil” — has yielded absolute zero in terms of any benefits. In fact, Liberals’ continued insistence on voting against their interests pretty much fits the classic definition of insanity: doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results.

So, you can imagine my shock and chagrin when I saw this recent article by Sam Smith — normally a bastion of sanity and clear, independent thought — advocating an “Obama One Night Stand” Movement, published at his Progressive Review. I didn’t know whether to laugh until I pissed myself, or to go lay down on a railroad track.

If you insist on reading Sam’s statement of capitulation to lesser-evilism, I strongly urge you to remove any cups of coffee or sleeping cats from the vicinity of your keyboard — and if you’ve just taken a sip of coffee, swallow it immediately. You’ve been warned.

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