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Death Panel

By mike flugennockWednesday - September 16th, 2009Categories: Health Care, Obamarama, Party Animals, right wingnuts

That’s right, gang; looks as if Sarah Palin may have been right about the “death panels”, though perhaps only in the same way a busted clock is still right twice a day — that is, for the entirely wrong reasons.  The recent push to eliminate even “public option” — having only the barest, slightest whiff of national healthcare to it — has confirmed my own suspicion: the “death panel” is real. Here they are now, rendering a recent decision affecting healthcare access not just for your wizened grandma, but for your own personal self.


Medium-res jpg image, 592k

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Clinton’s (insert failed domestic initiative here)

By mike flugennockSunday - October 31st, 1993Categories: Clintontime, Economy, Health Care, Iraq, liberty, war and peace

With President Bubba ensconced in the Oval Office, we saw a quickly-established pattern of failure in domestic policy initiatives followed by dick-wiggling and small-scale military intervention overseas — or some bad-assed “criminal justice” action at home — in an effort to appear “Presidential”. This was especially noticeable in the areas of economic stimulus and the last laughable attempt at health care “reform”.

clintons6part650w“Economic Stimulus”, medium-res jpg image, 436k; “Health Care Reform”, medium-res jpg image, 492k; “Housing and Education”, medium-res jpg image, 488k; “Reinventing Government”, medium-res jpg image, 428k; “Job-Creation Program”, medium-res jpg image, 516k; “Low-Income Housing Program”, medium-res jpg image, 464k

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