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White House Bathroom, Jan. 21, 2009

By mike flugennockSaturday - November 29th, 2008Categories: Obamarama, Party Animals, elections

Rahm Emmanuel? Tom Daschle? Eric Holder? Hillary, f’crissakes? Just in case you’re still wondering – no, you’re certainly not the only one marveling in awe at the number and quickness of the old Clinton mobsters and washed-up old liberal interventionists crawling out from under their rocks to score cushy gigs with the incoming Change Administration.


No goddamn’ wonder President-Elect Change practically broke his neck falling over his wingtips trying to disavow himself from the Donkeycratic Leadership Council when they were giving him big ups way back at the dawn of the last Presidential “Election” campaign – c’mon, you remember the beginning of the last campaign, a little over two years ago…yesssss… two…years …two looo-ooonngg yeee-eeeaars…but, anyway…have any you Hope’n'Change voters out there begun to sober up and realize that you voted against a third term of Bush, only to get a third term of Clinton, except without Bubba himself? Or, perhaps, even worse…? Yes, now, at last, the truth can be told…

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Vote ‘08

By mike flugennockSaturday - April 19th, 2008Categories: Party Animals, elections

Oh, alright, then, all you Democratic apparatchiks, all you media jabberers, you Liberal whiners — you’re right; there is one important difference between the Repugnicans and the Donkeycrats, and I’ll spell it out quite elegantly for you all right here:


We’ll Rule You Like Despots, medium-res jpg image, 700k
Please Don’t Hurt Us, medium-res jpg image, 708k

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Decision 2008

By mike flugennockThursday - February 7th, 2008Categories: Bushit, Iraq, Party Animals, elections, liberty, media

decision2008So, I wake up early one morning recently; as usual, my wife’s already awake and has MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” babbling on the TV. In the thinning fog of my fading Rapid Eye Movement state I hear Barack Obama telling us how he plans to continue upholding the corporate/military agenda, after which I can just make out some unhinged rightist nutcake denouncing John McCain for being too Liberal. A gaggle of pundits ranging from tepid centrist to shrieking fascist have a bitching, shouting argument over who’ll do the best job of bombing and torturing for the next four years. One pundit calls McCain a closet Liberal, another calls Obama a Socialist, and I think: jeezus, it’s too goddamn’ early for this shit. It’s only 7am, and my brain is already hurting.

Then, I realize that this has been going on for over a year and will continue until November, and I think, “oh, Jeezus, no. Please. Somebody, stop this goddamn’ torture. Somebody make it stop. Somebody, anybody — make…it…STOP…!”

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Hillary Answers the Tough Ones!

By mike flugennockMonday - December 10th, 2007Categories: Clintontime, Party Animals, elections, media

Yet another awake-too-early morning finds my wife once again flipping between early-morning news programs at 6:30am, and landing on CNN’s “American Morning” shitfest which, this particular morning, was running highlights of the previous evening’s Donkeycratic Party “debate”. Needless to say, of course, I emerged from my REM daze just in time to hear that chirpy, gushy college girl asking Hillary Clinton if she preferred “diamonds or pearls?” to which Her Hillaryship answered — in classic Clintonian fashion, “I like both”…


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