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As Seen On TV!

By mike flugennockSunday - July 17th, 2016Categories: 2016 Election, Russiagate, elections, media

Shortly after Ron Douglas’ documentary dropped, RT America’s Lindsay France invited me onto her program FishTank, which covers electoral politics and elections. The interview aired June 30 and I’d planned to post this link here earlier, except a bunch of other stuff happened.

But, now that the dust has settled — just a bit — here’s my interview with Lindsay on RT America’s FishTank.

Total Running Time: 06:16

See more FishTank episodes on YouTube.

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Je Suis Charlie!

By mike flugennockThursday - January 8th, 2015Categories: War on Terror, liberty, media

Self-Portrait With Pencil Launcher

…in memory and solidarity. Je suis Charlie!

11×14 inch medium-res color .jpg image, 783kb.

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