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Decision 2016

By mike flugennockWednesday - April 6th, 2016Categories: 2016 Election, elections, media

Y’know, if any of the shenanigans being reported in the US Presidential primaries — especially on the Democratic side — were going on in any other country, the UN would be so totally up in their shit in a New York minute, man.

Check out this and more at @ElectionBoycott and at #ArizonaElectionFraud.

11×14 inch medium-res color .jpg image, 764kb

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Stop The Raids! July 30

By mike flugennockSaturday - July 10th, 2010Categories: liberty, right wingnuts

I’ve been having a hard time lately coming up with any decent cartoon ideas about the upcoming July 30 sweeps and raids by Sheriff Joe “Heinrich” Arpaio in Arizona in support of their “Papers Please” Law. It seemed all I could come up with were these goddamn’ oil spill cartoons until my comrades at Lady Liberty’s Lamp sent along this iconic old foto of the German Army pulling a raid on a house in the Warsaw Ghetto. Suddenly, the light finally came on in my head; I’ve never been shy of parodying iconic art or fotos, so why not parody this famous foto of Jews being rounded up in Warsaw?

So, here’s one for all my comrades in Arizona, for use on leaflets and for your late-night flypasting pleasure:

Medium-res grayscale image, 16×20 inches, 1mb

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