My Final BP Oil Spill Cartoon (I hope)

My Final BP Oil Spill Cartoon (I hope)

By mike flugennockTuesday - July 13th, 2010Categories: Obamarama, Party Animals, elections, environmentTags:,

Yeah, I know, I know. I’m as tired of it as you are. There’s so much other cartoon-worthy stuff going on — ten percent unemployment, home foreclosures skyrocketing, Obama escalating the war in Afghanistan, Israel murdering humanitarian aid workers, Arizona enacting a racial-profiling law — but it seems like pretty much every damn’ cartoon I’ve done in the past two months has been an oil spill cartoon.

At last, however, this is the final idea left in the queue. At last! My final, really, no kidding really, honestly, seriously, absotively posilutely final BP oil spill cartoon — even though it’s really sort of an election cartoon:

11×17 medium-res color .jpg, 948kb.

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