A Better Reason To Mark Memorial Day

A Better Reason To Mark Memorial Day

By mike flugennockTuesday - June 1st, 2010Categories: Middle East

israeliembassyMay3110pre01smlDC Joins Millions Worldwide In Speaking Out Against Israeli Murder, Piracy

It was a boisterous and irate crowd that gathered yesterday outside the Israeli Embassy to protest the murder, kidnapping and piracy committed in international waters by the Israeli State against the Gaza Freedom Flotilla humanitarian aid ships destined to defy the Israeli blockade of Gaza. Along with large amounts of food, water and building materials, the ships carried a number of former European legislators, an 86 year-old Holocaust survivor and a Nobel Laureate — that is, a real Nobel Laureate — as opposed to Barack Obama, who might as well have gotten his Nobel Peace Prize out of a goddamn’ Cracker Jack box.

Also present were two — count ‘em, two — members of Code Pink. Still, this was all that was necessary to attempt to inflict damage on the event through their now-patented “demojacking” technique perfected by Code Pink at a pro-Palestinian protest in January of last year. Happily for all of us, though, Code Pink’s attempt to ruin the event amounted to a big ol’ bucket of FAIL as less than ten protesters decided to take them up on a pointless, straggling little march to the White House.

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