Who Says There’s No Manufacturing…

Who Says There’s No Manufacturing…

By mike flugennockThursday - October 12th, 2006Categories: Economy, mediaTags:, ,

So, I guess it really does mean “Found On Road Dead”, huh? So, I’m chewing over the news of the mass layoffs at Ford recently, and I find myself asking the question that about a zillion other people in this country are asking, namely, “Is there any goddamn’ manufacturing being done at all in this goddamn’ country anymore?” and I suddenly realize, “Hell, yeah! There’s…”


And besides, think about it…you pull the patty out of the freezer, you throw it onto the grill, you throw the cheese on, you let it melt, you throw it onto a bun and wrap it in that funky foil wrap, and whammo! You’ve manufactured a burger! Now, quit whining and get me my fries.

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