“Birth Pangs of a New Middle East”

“Birth Pangs of a New Middle East”

By mike flugennockTuesday - July 25th, 2006Categories: Bushit, Middle East, right wingnuts, war and peaceTags:, , ,

Is it just me, or did Secretary Of Snake Condolee-ee-ee-eezza Rice make one of her weirdest statements ever last weekend — even weirder than that NBC “Today” interview where she said “freedom is on the march” about half a dozen times? Oh, and I love the part where she says that “We’re going through a very violent time.” “WE”? What do you mean “we”, white woman?


All in all, though, quite a bout of birth pangs, there; shame it couldn’t have been a more quiet, serene and peaceful birthing experience, like Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise’s baby.

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