Hillary in 2008!

Hillary in 2008!

By mike flugennockWednesday - February 1st, 2006Categories: Clintontime, Party Animals, elections, mediaTags:, ,

Hillary, Hillary, Hillary! What could I possibly say about Hillary Clinton that hasn’t already been said about the sensation of having red-hot steel needles plunged into your eyeballs? Those bugged-out eyeballs, that phony horse-toothed smile, that hectoring schoolmarmish speaking style, those posh outfits, that insufferable sense of entitlement that oozes out of her every pore and orifice — there’s just nothing about Hillary that doesn’t inspire a good, healthy, deep-down hatred inside of me.


I’m almost at the point of actually hoping that they do nominate Hillary just for the entertainment value of watching the Democratic Party crater good and hard, one last time, for good — I’ve got the beer in the cooler, the Jiffy-Pop on the stove and the lounge chairs set up and ready for the big Fail — so that folks who want real change can sweep aside the wreckage to make room for a real “peoples’ party”.

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