Only YOU…

Only YOU…

By mike flugennockThursday - June 30th, 2005Categories: libertyTags:, , , ,

As I write this, the annual Rainbow Family Gathering is being set upon by US Forest Service and other police forces in West Virginia’s Monongahela National Forest for infractions such as gathering without a permit and having muddy license plates.


Women are being chased, thrown to the ground and dragged by USFS cops on horseback, charging through Rainbow Family camps, video cameras are being seized and smashed by USFS cops — even as the Forest Service celebrates its 100th anniversary with a big PR exhibit on the National Mall, at the Smithsonian’s annual Festival Of American Folklife.

Roads are being blockaded in and out of the Monongahela National Forest by US Forest Service police, and gatherers are being ticketed en masse; the USFS has set up an impromptu “court” at a “Nature Center” in Monongahela.

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