New York City 2004 GOP Convention Protest Poster

New York City 2004 GOP Convention Protest Poster

By mike flugennockSunday - July 4th, 2004Categories: Bushit, Iraq, War on Terror, elections, liberty, media, right wingnuts, war and peaceTags:, , , ,

Here’s another one of those gags that pretty much drew itself. On hearing the news that New York City would have the dubious honor of hosting the 2004 Republican Convention, this image slammed into my head like a runaway train and refused to go away:


This was my part towards inspiring locals and visitors alike to hit the streets and give the GOP a good old-fashioned New York City welcome, and to let the Bush Mob know that the people of NYC weren’t going to allow themselves to be cast as “extras” in a fascist corporate infomercial (which is basically what the Republicratic and Demopublican Conventions had become by this time).

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