“What Is HIMARS?” An Infographic

“What Is HIMARS?” An Infographic

By mike flugennockThursday - June 9th, 2022Categories: Bidenism, Ukrainamania, war and peaceTags:, , , ,

“What is HIMARS?” asked an Al Jazeera “Explainer” feature about a week or so back, and it actually got me seriously wondering… what IS the High-Mobility Artillery Rocket System? I mean, like — what exactly the hell goes into this beast? Didn’t take much searching and reading to reach the answer fairly quickly — our COVID relief, our universal healthcare, our minimum wage raise, our student debt cancellation, our eviction moratorium…

…and with that in mind, to clear up all the brouhaha about these death factories we’re selling to the Nazi-infested Ukrainian state, I offer this meticulous infographic, precisely labeled, detailing the features of this helping hand we’re extending to all those feisty little old Ukrainian ladies hunkered down in their basements, mixing up the Molotovs and learning how to handle an AK.

So, next time inflation starts to bite a little, think of those little old ladies, Stand With Ukraine, and don’t complain too loudly about the baby formula shortage, the cost of groceries, the electric bill — and whatever the hell you do, DON’T complain about the price of gasoline, ya’ fifth-column losers.

11×14 inch medium-res color .jpg image, 473kb

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