Instant Karma!

Instant Karma!

By mike flugennockSunday - October 4th, 2020Categories: 2020 Election, Health Care, Trumpism, coronavirus, elections, mediaTags:, ,

So, aaaanyway… everybody and their cat have been speculating for months about what they think the “October Surprise” will be in this campaign, and wot’tha FUUUUU—

Welp… you were looking for an October Surprise and October says “hold my beer”. Clown Emperor Bleach Trump and First Lady Melania Hydroxychloroquine Trump have tested positive, with the Donster being taken to Walter Reed for treatment, following hot on the heels of one his senior advisors, and a big face-to-face, mask-off event for GOP donors, and the president of Notre Dame University who attended the Supreme Court nomination ceremony for Amy Coney Barrett, and… oh, FUUUUUU—

Christ, that’s what — three or four potential “super-spreader” events with that gang in the past two weeks or so? For that matter, everywhere that sonofabitch goes is a super-spreader event. Dude’s a super-duper-spreader.

Meanwhile, Rachel Maddow is asking those of us who can’t afford the kind of healthcare Trump is getting to pray for the guy who’s supposed to be an Existential Threat™ and a Russian Asset™ and an Enemy Of Democracy™ and The Worst President Ever™, and getting her snippy little ass shredded.

The U.S. Left — Lord love ‘em — have been throwing everything they had at that bunch and couldn’t make a dent, and the bastards end up being brought down by a friggin’ virus… y’know, kinda like the end of War Of The Worlds.

I’m not gonna lie to y’all. I can’t pretend I’m not enjoying this.

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