Bullshit Bingo

Bullshit Bingo

By mike flugennockSunday - September 27th, 2020Categories: 2020 Election, Party Animals, elections, mediaTags:, ,

At this point, I’m really wishing the Democrats would get some new material. They’ve been shoveling the same old scaremongering, guilt-tripping, alarmist hype and platitudes since at least 2000 — and I mean almost the identical stuff, except with “Trump” substituted for “Bush”.

A single afternoon on Twitter served me up at least a dozen different versions of the hoary old chestnuts about the Supreme Court, the Lesser Evil, unity, and how this is The Most Importantest, Crucialest, Double-Yum Specialest Election Ever Since The Earth’s Surface Cooled To A Temperature That Could Support Liquid Water, Really, Honestly It Is, We Mean It This Time. It was like 2004 all over again.

…and now I’m thinking cripes, man, we could play Bullshit Bingo with this mess.

Get your own set of 20 DNC 2020 Election Bullshit Bingo Cards after the jump:

So, I pulled out my old 9/11 Tr00th Bullshit Bingo Card template and lined up pretty much every lame-ass, tired old Liberal bitch fit and platitude I’d seen on Twitter in the previous 24 hours — and there was a pantload of ‘em, I’ll tell you that for free.

Cartoon: 16 x 17 inch medium-res color .jpg image, 2.1mb

Bingo Cards: letter-size 150dpi inkjet-ready B&W .jpg images in a .zip file, 5.1mb

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