A Stinkin’ Rebellion

A Stinkin’ Rebellion

By mike flugennockSunday - October 20th, 2019Categories: environment, mediaTags:

So, aaaaanyway… the resolute doorknobs at Extinction Rebellion have staged a protest involving spray-painting your hand red, leaving a “bloody” handprint on a government building or corporate HQ, then looking for a cop to turn yourself in. Yeah, that’s right.

This empty dipshittery follows an earlier debacle on the London Tube in which XR tried to shut down the subways, resulting in protesters being roughed up, beaten and thrown off the trains by irate commuters.

Now, I’m no tactical expert, but it seems that a subway-blocking action would go down best when you’ve reached the point where things are so bad that the streets are already full of fed-up, pissed-off people, and the general strike is already underway. Otherwise, you’re just pissing off the working class.

For further reading: Extinction Rebellion Training, or How to Control Radical Resistance from the “Obstructive Left”, at Wrong Kind Of Green, 05.06.2019

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