DC Council: Give US a “Fair Shot”!

DC Council: Give US a “Fair Shot”!

By mike flugennockWednesday - May 15th, 2019Categories: DC Local, libertyTags:, , , ,

Needless to say, we at DCMJ have some issues with the initial draft of DC Mayor Bowser’s reforms to DC cannabis legislation – among them a prohibition on the free distribution of cannabis for advocacy purposes, restrictions on the cannabis “gifting economy” that’s sprung up in DC in lieu of regulated legal sales, and the continued denial of access to the legal cannabis market for small-scale growers in DC.

I should be able to go to Eastern Market on Sundays and get a quarter of Capitol Hill Kush at the same place I get my tomatoes, apple cider and craft whiskey. DCMJ calls on the DC government to follow through on Mayor Bowser’s “fair shot” rhetoric and give DC’s small-batch cannbis growers a “fair shot” – and end the prohibition on the sale of cannabis by small-batch growers.

“Don’t Cut DC Out”
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“Spot The Difference”
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